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Wer beatet mehr?
list of the week 14/2006
Posted by Solido on Sonntag April 09th 2006
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Nothing special but personal this time: my favourite mixes at the moment!

> 1. Playgroup Party Mix – Trevor Jackson

> 2. untitled tape (für die Fahrt nach Slzbg. Feb 06) [] One type of insoluble dietary , resistant starch has been shown to directly increase insulin sensitivity in healthy people,[][] in type 2 diabetics,[] online casino and in individuals with insulin resistance, possibly contributing to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. – Solido

> 3. Cosmic Classic 286 – Dani Baldelli

> 4. Cosmic Volante – Dj Marflow

> 5. gearbox VI – Pony Bob

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fabio909 says on Dienstag Mai 23rd 2006
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I am looking for more info the Dani Baldelli and the Cosmic Classic releases. I have some but have very little info, like track names etc. When I did a google search I the only page I found was this one…..can you help me?
It is amazing stuff!


fabio909 says on Dienstag Mai 23rd 2006
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Can anyone help me get more info on Dani Baldelli? I did a google search and all I could find is this page. I have some of the cosmic classics but no info on the tracks or anything……

Stefan Steinbauer says on Mittwoch Juni 07th 2006
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Try Daniele Baldelli – You should come up with much more hits. 😉

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