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Wer beatet mehr?
Treat yourself!
Posted by Solido on Freitag Dezember 23rd 2005
Filed under: Alphabeat Blog,Music Business

With X-mas just around the corner you ought to be busy getting all the presents for your beloved ones. But what about you? Why don’t ya treat yourself with some fine new music to relax and forget about all the stress. Check out and download excellent hip hop tracks there for free. I absolutely recommend the „Hip Hop vs. Rap“ ep by the CVEES (recently featured on J-live’s new album) and the incredible COMFORT FIT lp „Forget and Remember“ where abstract beats reminding you of Jay-Dee’s best productions pump like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy your holidays!

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Andreas Koller says on Mittwoch Dezember 28th 2005
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Yeah, danke Gregor! Wir haben heut gleich von beiden (CVEES und COMFORT FIT) was gespielt. Sehr smooth das eine, sehr geniale Beats beim anderen.

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