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Wer beatet mehr?
Alphabeat 6/8/2008
Posted by yohap on Donnerstag August 07th 2008
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by Flo & Sissy:

Massive Attack – 01 Protection (7:53)

Massive Attack – Safe from Harm (5:18)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy [Perfecto Mix by Paul Oakenfold] (5:28)

Tricky – Aftermath [Unreleased Mix] (5:36)

Tricky (Feat Ed Kowalczyk) – Evolution Revolution Love (4:06)

Martina Topley Bird – Need One (3:55)

Portishead – Glory Box (Edit) (3:37)

PORTISHEAD – 03 All Mine (4:01)

Leftfield – Inspection-Check One (6:25)

Barrington Levy – Here I Come [Dublate Version] (3:45)

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drdiggins says on Montag August 11th 2008
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Schöner Mix! Werde mir gleich mal den Livestream bookmarken und Mittwochs reinhören. Das Dublate von Mr. Levy erfreut mein Herz.

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