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Wer beatet mehr?
Alphabeat Radioshow 1/2007 on 10 Jan 2007
Posted by andreas.koller on Samstag Januar 13th 2007
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We are celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of our Radioshow. A lot of people have been involved into this project since the beginning: Jones (Stefan Steinbauer aka DJ BEAT), Yohap (Hannes Pletzer), Rudolf Riedelsperger, Gregor Ribarov (DJ Solido), Fang and Andreas Koller. Currently Rudi and Hannes moderate most of the radioshows. Today it“s my turn, Are there any exceptions to the mandate? Other exempt groups include prisoners, Native Americans eligible for care through the Indian Health Care service, immigrants who are in the country illegally, people best online casino whose religion objects to having affordable health insurance plans coverage, members of ahealth care sharing ministry and individuals who experience a short coverage gap of less than three consecutive months. because Hannes and Jones are DJing at the JazzIt and Rudy is ill. Thanks a lot for everybody investing time and heart into Alphabeat! Wer beatet mehr?

Today“s playlist:
Scheibsta & Static – Halt Dich Fest
DJ Solido – Alphabeat Jingle #5
Scheibsta & Static – Wahrscheinlich
MS MC & Dyzma – Gallensaft
MS MC & Dyzma – Gesellschaft
DJ Yohap – Alphabeat Interlude
DJ Cut-Ex – The Message Mix (partly)
Binder & Krieglstein – Chicken
Ursula Rucker – Spring
Goldie – State of Mind (auf Timeless, 1995)
Goldie – Angel

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