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Wer beatet mehr?
Alphabeat Radioshow 21/2006 on 1 Nov 2006
Posted by andreas.koller on Freitag November 03rd 2006
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Today it“s my turn. One hour of hip-hop related beats, soulful pay someone to do your assignment tunes and electronic frickling for a cosy rainy/snowy evening. It“s winter time!

Dynamic Syncopation – Intro (from Dynamism, 1999)
Dynamic Syncopation – Dynamism (from Dynamism, 1999)
International Pony – International Pony Theme (from We Love Music, 2002)
Amon Tobin – Deo (from Supermodified, 2000)
Dntel – (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Safety Scissors Mix, 2002)
A Forest Mighty Black – Fresh casino online in My Mind“ (Hacienda`s Rainy Dub Mix, from Mellodramatic Remixed, Compost)
Day One – Autumn Rain (from Ordinary Men, Melankolic, 2000)
Souls of Mischief – 93 til Infinity (1993)
Roots Manuva – Witness (Walworth Rd Rockers Dub, auf Zero 7 – Another Late Night)
Cujo – The Sighting (auf Adventures in Foam, Ninja Tune, 2002)

Happy listening.
Yours sincerely,

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Stefan Steinbauer says on Freitag November 03rd 2006
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war eine geile show! sehr feine musik…
congrats! 😉

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